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Window Manufacturing

Plan, manage and track all your window manufacturing processes more effectively, with ease, and well in advance.

  1. Initial contact

    This is where any window order begins its journey. First, the reception answers a customer phone call, collects information, and creates a new project in Archdesk.

  2. Estimation

    As soon as the project is saved, the software notifies company’s estimator, who can then access all the necessary information and prepare an individual quote. Saved and approved quote is sent automatically to the customer directly from Archdesk.

    The software remembers and tracks the due date set on the estimate.

  3. Bookkeeping

    Once the customer accepts the quote and agrees to pay the deposit, the status of the project is changed to approved and your accounting department receives an instant notification about the expected payment.

    As soon as the full deposit payment is received, the project becomes live and the manufacturing process can begin.

  4. Project Management

    The project gets to the project manager, who – with the help of Archdesk – controls the entire process, from frame manufacturing through galvanising to window assembly.

    The software constantly tracks the progress and affordability, allowing for any changes and improvements during the works.

  5. Constant control

    You can choose to make the entire process visible by your management team, who can follow the progress and intervene if needed.

    Other departments can access the project only when it reaches a given stage and they lose access as soon as the stage is completed, which means clutter-free and organised dashboard.

  6. Project completion

    Once the works are completed the software archives all the project-related data, which can then be accessed at any time by the authorised staff.

    The data can also be easily pulled out when creating a new project for the same client, which means less work for you.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - contacts
Archdesk ERP screenshot - quote payment terms
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Projects: schedule of works
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Glass Processes
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Invoice preview

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