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  1. Initial contact

    The plumbing job starts when customer contacts the company. First, the front desk collects all the relevant information and starts a new project in Archdesk.

  2. Estimation

    As soon as the project is saved, company’s estimator receives a notification to access the information and prepare a job-specific quote.

    Archdesk sends the saved and approved quote directly to the customer. It then remembers, tracks and notifies you of the payment due date.

  3. Bookkeeping

    Once the customer accepts the quote, the status of the project is updated accordingly and your accounting department is notified of the expected payment.

    As soon as the full deposit payment is recorded, the project becomes live and you can arrange for the plumbing job to start.

  4. Project Management

    The project is now sent the project manager, who – with the help of the software – controls the entire process, from initial on-site visit through reparation and/or installation to post-work maintenance.

    The software keeps track of the progress and affordability, allowing for any last-minute changes if needed.

  5. Constant control

    The entire process can be made visible to your management team, who can monitor and help facilitate the progress.

    Other departments can be denied admin access, which means they will be able to see and work on the project only when it reaches a given stage, and they will lose access once the stage is completed.

  6. Project completion

    Upon the completion of the works the software archives the project-related data, which remains accessible for future reference.

    Stored data can be easily pulled out and used when setting up a new project for the same customer, which saves you unnecessary work.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - contacts
Archdesk ERP screenshot - quote payment terms
Archdesk ERP screenshot - booking
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Schedule bookings
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Invoice preview

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