Unlimited File Storage

See how you can improve your business by managing all your storage needs in one place.

Coherent structure for easy access

The secret of efficiency of Archdesk lies in effective organisation of files and folders.

No matter how many data you have, every single document can be assigned its place in a project-specific folder, so that it’s easily accessible by the right staff in the right department.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - projects files list
Archdesk ERP screenshot - upload files

Clear break-down into stages

Archdesk is designed in a way that gives you and your employees the sense of completion.

You can arrange your data in a neat manner where every file falls into relevant stage of the project. Not only does it help you track the progress of each task, but it also helps different departments work in sync.

Automatic sync to all devices

Any data you save onto Archdesk is automatically synced to all other web-enabled devices, and any changes you or your employees make on any other device will sync, too! It means you are highly unlikely to make duplicate entries that could cause confusion and disrupt the progress of a project.

You can also share folders in sync with your clients and upload progress of work or simply share large files.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - public shared files

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