Workforce Management

See how you can improve your business by managing all your scheduling aspects in one place.

Maximum efficiency

Plan the next day, week, or even a month for maximum efficiency, in less time than usual.

Thanks to this feature you will know the exact tasks assigned to each and every employee on a given day, which can help you plan ahead and solve any potential issues before they even arise.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - Projects: schedule of works
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Single Schedule

Employee and work’s schedule

Manage your employees’ schedules and stay always on top of everything.

Archdesk allows you to add, manage and track as much information related to a given task as possible, which makes it easier to go back to the project any time after it’s finished and find exactly what you’re looking for, as if it was completed yesterday.

The end of era for overbook

The bigger the company, the more chance that some project planning will go wrong, especially if it’s managed by a few people.

The era of chaos stops here. With Archdesk you can see what tasks are planned for the day, check estimated duration, and ensure increased availability.

Archdesk erp screenshot - Work Schedule

Better control than ever before

Gantt Chart in Archdesk has a great influence on how our clients can manage their projects.

The Gantt Chart guarantees a global overview of works and allows users to see and create dependencies between works. These can be easily altered if your project is ever delayed, allowing for unparalleled flexibility.

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