Project Management

See how you can improve your business by managing all your project aspects in one place.

All in one place

Take your business one step ahead of others with our forward-thinking CRM/ERP system, which offers everything you want in one place, from accounting through project management to fleet tracking.

Whether your teams needs to calculate an estimate and then track payments, monitor the progress of a project, or manage employees’ schedule, Archdesk provides easy solutions to go about the most complex task.

Standardised Interface

One of the most beneficial aspects of Archdesk is the standardised interface that makes ‘the complicated’ easy and natural.

The consistent and user-friendly software lets you take what you’ve learnt about one part and extrapolate it to the rest, making managing a number of projects easier than you’d think!

Instant access from any device

Your employees can enjoy the perks of accessing Archdesk anytime, anywhere and from any web-enabled device.

Instant access allows you to gather, structure, and share your information in a user-friendly way, making it easy to track and control the progress of all your projects.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - projects files
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Project list

Easy search across all the data

Save you precious time with quick and efficient search that covers all the files, folders, and calendars.

With Archdesk you can locate a single document or the entire project with just one click of a mouse, and thanks to a neat organisation it’s easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

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