Production Control

See how you can improve your business by managing all your production in one place.

Stay in control, even in the largest manufacturing plant

Coordinating a company’s activities can be tricky. Every last detail must be handled with the proper care and attention, and it usually falls on the manager to make sure every task is properly aligned with every other task.It’s a big responsibility and one that usually involves very careful planning and logistics.

With Archdesk, however, it’s simple. Thanks to this all-in-one software solution, you can easily control your company’s production from one place.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - Main dashboard
Archdesk ERP screenshot - Fabrication

Easy tracking

With larger-scale projects, it goes without saying that various employees will be working on different areas of a project at the same time, but smaller-scale endeavours making sure everything goes as planned is equally as important. As someone in charge of the entire project, you need to keep tabs on who is performing what action in order for the end result to be satisfying.

With Archdesk, you can easily track each process from one place, no matter the size of your company, making ensuring a collaborative success much easier.

Cohesive design

Thanks to Archdesk’s practical design, you can follow all of your worker’s progress while limiting their access to only the task that they are meant to deal with.

That way, they can maintain their focus on what needs to be done, while you can supervise everything, making the process very smooth and cohesive.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - project details

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