Phone integration

See how you can improve your business by managing all your communication needs in one place.

Hosted phone number

In the business world it’s best to look professional. Our phone integration feature lets you choose what number you want to display on outgoing calls.

In other words, you can make a call from your mobile while on the move, and the number displayed on the recipient’s device will be that of your office.

Archdesk ERP screenshot - Projects clients
Archdesk ERP screenshot - call view

Key Performance Indicators

Archdesk let you monitor and measure key performance indicators such as average call time, dropped-call percentage or first-call resolution, which you can later use to improve your sales and service processes.

It also much easier to find relevant calls thanks to searching and filtering options.

Call recording & SMS Notifications

You can now improve your efficiency by saving each phone call under the relevant project, task, or client.

High-quality audio files can then help you maintain a detailed record of conversations, resolve any disputes, or simply serve as a training material for new employees.

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