Discover hundreds of Archdesk™ ERP features

All features are specifically built to work seamlessly in one software package and are highly customizable.

Works with your favourite tools

Advanced access control and data control allows to configure precisely what each employee sees and has access.
Custom dashboards allow you to generate live reports, such as financial performance, spending patterns with suppliers and more.
Archdesk is extremely flexible and adaptable. You can start with only necessary functionality and grow as required.

Free weekly updates

Archdesk is updated with new features every week, all updates are automatic and free of charge. 

As a client you can request specific functionality or integration. We are always open and happy to hear your feedback and improve our platform.

Archdesk use-cases

We have prepared a few use cases of how Archdesk can streamline various industry companies.

  • Industries - window manufacturing

    Manufacturing Plants, e.g. Window Factory

    Plan, manage and track all your window manufacturing processes more effectively, with ease, and well in advance.


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  • Industries - construction

    Construction, Building, Refurbishment

    Manage your construction projects, sub-contractors and billing from one place, and let your team be more productive.


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  • Industries - joinery

    Fabrication e.g. Joinery, Metal Works

    Coordinate your joinery manufacturing processes and improve your team’s performance by using an all-in-one system.


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  • Industries: plumbing

    Service Industry, e.g. Plumbing, Installations

    Manage your staff’s to-do lists, assign jobs, and get real-time updates on all plumbing jobs anytime and anywhere.


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