1. General Archdesk Question

Archdesk is cloud based software that helps you manage all aspects of business within construction industry. It is available 24/7 on all of your devices, no installation required, just internet connection. You get your own URL to login page, and each of your users get their own unique login details.

Archdesk was built with flexibility in mind. We believe it’s the company that should enforce the business processes and procedures, and not the software.

Archdesk has been proven to work with many existing businesses and individuals.

Development of Archdesk is also constantly watched by a management team of a London based metal-work construction firm that heavily depends on Archdesk and translates their business requirements to our technical team for implementation.

We understand that our clients keep a lot of confidential data in Archdesk, therefore security is our top priority.

All of the data within Archdesk is securely stored in one of the top datacenter in the world managed by Amazon.

No staff member has direct access to any of your data.

Database backups are done several times a day and data is replicated to 3 isolated datacenter environments at the same time, all the time.

Files are stored in our datacenter in Ireland, but at the same time are replicated to our datacenter in Frankfurt in case of a disaster.

All of the data traffic between you and Archdesk is always secured with a TLS connection.

Upon signup, you will receive your company’s personalised URL to access Archdesk, usually it will be something like https://your-company.archdesk.net

Your co-workers will be able to sign-up or you can invite them to join. You can then select who to allow access, and give specific user roles and access control for each. You manage who can see what.

2. Pre-Sale Questions

We set-up either online or on-premises demonstration with you and one of our sales representatives. Once you are happy with Archdesk presentation, we send you a short form that we need filled up back in order to setup Archdesk instance for your company.

Default configuration is set for you, however you can take your time to customise Archdesk to your business needs and procedures, we can help you with that as well.

We can also help you transfer data from your existing system into Archdesk.

Archdesk runs very transparent subscription based fee. You pay for each active user a monthly fee. There is no setup or installation fee. No cancelation fee either. It’s a simple month to month rolling subscription.

Visit our Pricing section to learn more about our available plans.

Archdesk has transparent pricing so you always know what you will pay.

However we also believe in unrestricted access, so if you exceed your plan’s usage, instead of moving you onto more expensive plan, we charge adequately for what you exceeded, in most cases it’s a very small fee.

Example, if you exceed your storage limit, we then charge a flat £0.45 per GB per month of additional storage. So by example, if you are on our advanced plan and have six users, you have 150GB of included storage, if you exceed it by 5 GB, you will pay additional £2.25 per month.

Please note that incoming and outgoing telephone calls from the system, as well as recording incur extra charges. Please refer to our telephone charges for more information on this feature.

3D rendering of your files for preview for you or your customers also incur a small fee. Please refer to our Online 3D Render pricing for more information.

You can insert your credit/debit card details in Archdesk’s control panel.

Payments are automatically taken each month pro-rata. Payments are securely handled by Stripe and your credit card information are securely stored.

Invoices will be available for download from your billing section after each payment.

Invoices will display “STRIPE – EMS Operations (UK) Ltd.” as the seller, as this is the parent company that builds and manages Archdesk.

Alternatively we can issue an invoice and you can perform a bank transfer for the whole year up-front, we provide 10% discount on such method.

Yes, you can cancel or downgrade your plan at anytime.

We charge monthly pro-rata, therefore you will have uninterrupted access until the end of your current billing period. (Usually up to 30 days).

You can download all your data from Archdesk in a raw format for up to 60 days after end of your billing period, we then permanently remove all data from our servers.

Don’t worry, we understand that sometimes for various reasons payments can be missed.

We will immediately let you know if a payment has not been approved by our payment processor. We will then try to take the payment each day for next 10 days, after which if payment was still not successful, cancel your plan.

If you do not renew your plan within 60 days, we will permanently remove all your data from our servers. You do not need to renew your plan to have access to download all your data in raw format for up to 60 days after cancelation.

3. After Purchase Questions (Support)

You can visit our knowledge base where you will find plenty of articles and video tutorials on how to use Archdesk.

Alternatively you can e-mail us at support@archdesk.co.uk

We usually respond within 15 minutes, however sometimes some support requests can take longer.

Dedicated support phone line will be available soon.

Please drop us an e-mail at support@archdesk.co.uk this is our most observed e-mail address and has the highest priority of all.


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