ERP, or Enterprise Resource Planning software, is all the rage right now. Small and mid-sized businesses can greatly benefit from it, hence the growing popularity. ERP is an incredibly efficient way to manage your business, allowing you to utilise a number of applications to help you manage different areas of your business in one place. ERP can help you save by operational costs thanks to integrating technology into everyday activities. Integrating the system into your company isn’t always a straightforward process, however. Follow these simple tips and you should be able to handle it without any problem!

The first step to integrating any kind of system into your company, not just ERP, is to make sure you equip your staff with enough hardware. Even though we live in the days of cloud-based software and requirements are much less of a deal than they were in the past, it’s important that your employees have access to the ERP software by supplying them with reliable, stable computers. Make sure you have the right amount of reliable hardware before you set out to order your ERP system!

ERP systems may be easy to you, but in order for them to run fully efficiently, it’s always a good idea to provide your staff with all the necessary training. Organise training programmes that will help your staff get familiar with the systems to the point that they know how to get started and customise the system in line with the needs of your company. It can take a few weeks to understand exactly how an ERP system works, but training can begin even before you have it installed, so you can save time.

Now that you have all the necessary hardware and your team knows how to utilise the system, it’s time to actually run the system. As modern ERP systems are mostly cloud-based, you no longer have to worry about installations in the traditional sense. All you need is to log in through a browser using the data provided. If you ever encounter any problems related to logging in, that’s what our support team is here to help you with.

Our support team is here to help you with any problems you may encounter, actually. Whether the system or hardware is acting up and you’re encountering any bugs, you can count on us to help you with them, ensuring that your business is always running smoothly!