We’re gradually approaching the end of the year 2018. On one hand, companies have to keep abreast of ongoing projects, on the other, there comes a time of inventory, stocktaking, summary of a company’s operations and more. It’s always tricky to organize everything and avoid chaos and exhaustion. That makes it important to start with the right approach on the matter.
,,Organization is the key” – says everyone, but what is that really mean?

Prevent time waste

According to IDC’s Information Worker Survey. (June 2012) – workers were wasting up to 2.5 hours per day just searching for what they needed (digging through files etc). The situation has not improved much since then  New research has shown that 441,827,088 days a year are spent by UK employees on unnecessary tasks.

The ‘Productivity in the Workplace’ report, which was commissioned by Red Letter Days For Business, surveyed 2,040 UK employees and find out that 60% of UK employees say they spend half a day every week to manage unnecessary tasks. Lack of organization and proper management can be a nightmare in the workplace.  

Let’s have a look at some tips on how to get organized and not lose your mind that you can use during the coming period.

Control your projects

With a proper software, keeping your files and managing them, becomes a piece of cake. The goal is to have:


  • control over workflow

  • easy access to information whenever and wherever they are needed.

Changing a whole work system is hard, but changing processes to make the company more productive is easier than you think. You just need the right tool. Easier supervision and clear view of ongoing tasks boost productivity more than you can imagine.

To help you on the matter, we created software that gives all the important sections at your disposal. Every project is created separately, therefore, you’re able to control and track progress throughout all stages.
To-do lists assigned to every project make is easy to follow your tasks.

Allocate time accurately

Allocating time according to set priorities is vital.  If it’s possible, take some time every day to prepare a plan for coming day/week etc.  You’ll avoid coming to work and wasting time for figuring out what needs to be done asap, what can wait, and what was completed the day before. It’s especially important if you’re a team leader. To help you notice what requires your immediate attention, we provide you with clear, automatically updated Dashboard reflecting every project. You can establish your action plan easier and quicker than ever.

Invest in proper help

Technical help, of course. Since we live in a century filled with IT wonders, why not to use this opportunity to boost your growth? Some projects will require your personal attention, but in cases of repeatable tasks – there are many tech tools designed to back you up by increasing productivity, saving your company’s time and streamlining processes.

You can choose from modern mobile technologies used in the field, collaboration and document management software used for accounting to ERP platforms combining almost all of the departments from one company (accounting, project management,inventory, human resources, payroll etc). Take some time to decide what is the most important change you wish to see in managing your business and once you set your mind on it, choose the right software. It’s gonna take a lot of work from your hands and improve your company’s workflow.

To do it right, keep those tips in mind:


  • Look for solutions that are innovative

    if you’re gonna invest, invest in modern software that meets the latest standards.

  • Think about scalability

    how it’s gonna change in the future? While buying developed solution for your company, you’re probably gonna stick to it for some time, make sure, it can grow with your business.

  • Prepare an implementation plan

    While deciding on one option, remember to prepare the rest of the company for implementation. There’s no point investing in new software if your employees will not be on board with learning how to use it.

Protect your data

In times of cyber attacks becoming more and more dangerous, high competitiveness pushing people to not so clean strategies and general digitalization – protecting your company’s data is more important than ever. Make sure you’re safe on that matter, nothing kills productivity quicker than having to start everything from scratch all over again.

We hope our few tips will help you start boosting your productivity and show you that even a tiny change, can make a change.