Enterprise Resource Planning, or ERP, is an important element of plenty of corporate-size businesses. It forms their backbone, providing valuable tools intended for managing production, processing and inventory. All of its functions are geared toward making the functioning of a large company not simply easier, but oftentimes simply feasible. But that doesn’t mean smaller companies won’t benefit from ERP solutions!

Small companies can be giants, too!

An ERP system may be one of the biggest investments a company can make. A properly working ERP system can help make your business faster and much more efficient regardless of its size. Even if
you’re a small-scale business, you can still appear, act, and operate like a big enterprise, benefitting your company and helping it grow ever faster.

The uniqueness of small business employees

The biggest difference between small and large businesses, when it comes to how they benefit from ERP, is that people working at small businesses have to carry out a larger number of functions. Few people are fully dedicated to one task, as their current assignments are very context-sensitive. So if the need arises, they may need to juggle several types of tasks in a short amount of time. An ERP system makes it easier to keep track of all the agendas your company has set up for it, and so juggling tasks may suddenly prove to be much less arduous than before. Even as a small company, you can gain a substantial ROI by using an integrated ERP system.

There are three key aspects that an integrated ERP solution can improve for a small business:

  • Transparency – all relevant data is constantly shared by all departments, therefore communication is much easier for everyone. All employees can always remain on the same page, greatly increasing general productivity and reducing hassle to a minimum.
  • Decision-making – thanks to the real-time data access that the system provides, you can greatly improve your company’s efficiency. Because all aspects of marketing, management, accounting, etc. is gathered in one place and open for all to see, teams have an easier time gauging the various aspects of a situation, thus facilitating proper decision-making.
  • Productivity – the streamlined nature of ERP systems allows for a greater focus on managing large areas of a business. Determining what is most important for your company and how to gain the most out of the various choices you make is now easier than ever before. What follows is a focused, driven team that is incredibly productive, letting your small company rival the greatest giants in the field.