ERP may seem like it’s hard to define. A quick Google search will show you that there are as many interpretations of the term as there are types of companies out there. But this does not mean that ERP itself is a vague term – it is simply an indicator of how flexible this solution can be.

ERP is short for Enterprise Resource Planning. This full name may shed some light on what this type of solution is meant for, but it doesn’t even begin to cover the extent to which ERP can be used. By its most basic definition, ERP is a set of tools that can help improve the performance of your business by providing a comprehensive tool that will gather all the data your company and your employees need.

In order to run properly, every business needs to be well organised. The aim of an ERP solution, such as Archdesk, is to take your company’s organisation to the next level. It does so by integrating all of the essential areas of your business, including, among others:

  • ivnentory and order management
  • human resources
  • accounting
  • customer relationship management (CRM)

ERP software integrates all of the above elements, as well as any aspects necessary for your company’s proper functioning, in a single database, vastly streamlining your experience, as well as that of your employees. Even workers working in completely separate divisions get access to the same data at the same time.

The database utilised by ERP software also facilitates the reporting process, so you don’t need your employees to maintain individual databases and spreadsheets and merge them manually for overall reports – thanks to ERP solutions, reports can be generated automatically from the system, compiling all of the data put in by the individual employees.

ERPs are about more than just letting workers input data – it’s also incredibly easy to access the performance data on the company, thanks to easy-to-navigate dashboards. Thanks to this incredible solution, all your employees may work unimpeded, as they have access to comprehensive information at any time. Thanks to the advancements in cloud software, ERP is currently even more relevant than ever before, allowing you to forego so many redundant processes. No matter how small or large your company, you are sure to benefit from an ERP solution!