Every success story has to have a beginning. None of us are born winners, after all. However, there is a certain type of satisfaction that can only be achieved if you start from scratch and see all your efforts pay off in the long term.

The story of Archdesk is one such success story.

At Archdesk, we aim for the stars. And it is exactly that drive that helps us continue to innovate and provide clients with some of the best bespoke software on the market.


March 2011

It all started  in March 2011.

Michael, Archdesk’s current CTO, who has great experience in the sector, having occupied leading positions at companies like Sony, was contacted by RailingLondon’s Andrew with a request. He was asked to design a piece of software that would meet the specific needs of Andrew’s company. None of the available over-the-counter options were sufficient, as juggling even 15 live projects proved to be too much for them to handle.

June 2011

Michael agreed to help – this was the first sign of the reliability that would soon become one of Archdesk’s most recognisable features. The first version of the software was ready by June 2011, and over the following years it received steady updates, improvements, as well as new features.

July 2015

July 2015 was another great landmark. By this point, RailingLondon had grown by several hundred percent, creating new departments along the way dedicated to glass, metal, and wood. Thanks to the bespoke software, it could handle up to 105 live projects at once.

The company’s growth exceeded all expectations, but that also meant the software hadn’t been fully prepared for it – this led to several issues. That’s why a decision was made – RailingLondon would receive a brand new system. This system, however, would also be the start of a separate venture – the birth of a new company.


June - August 2016

In June 2016, RailingLondon tested out the new system and it immediately replaced the old one in its entirety. As a result, every single department of the company has become fully computerised. The software, now known as Archdesk,  became available to the public in August 2016. It was met with an unexpected level of interest.

September - December 2016

The success of Archdesk led Andrew to leave RailingLondon in September 2016, entrusting it to its managers, so that he can fully focus on Archdesk.

Jakub Piorkowski, the founder of Buildeo, also joined the company in October 2016, serving as one of its co-founders, domain expert, and investor.

Michael, on the other hand, is now the company’s CTO, overlooking development, technical support, and daily business and financial operations.

By December 2016, Archdesk has grown large enough to open another office in Cracow that would serve as the base for Archdesk’s technical team.