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What is Archdesk™ ERP?

Archdesk is a modern cloud-based software specifically designed for production, service and construction industry.

Archdesk offers hundreds of features, easily accessible and extremely flexible to suit any size business.

Archdesk streamlines all your business operations. Starting with your office, ending in the field or your manufacturing plant.

Archdesk use-cases

We have prepared a few use cases of how Archdesk can streamline various industry companies.

  • Construction, Building, Refurbishment

    Manage your construction projects, sub-contractors and billing from one place, and let your team be more productive.


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  • Manufacturing Plants, e.g. Window Factory

    Plan, manage and track all your window manufacturing processes more effectively, with ease, and well in advance.


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  • Fabrication e.g. Joinery, Metal Works

    Coordinate your joinery manufacturing processes and improve your team’s performance by using an all-in-one system.


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  • Service Industry, e.g. Plumbing, Installations

    Manage your staff’s to-do lists, assign jobs, and get real-time updates on all plumbing jobs anytime and anywhere.


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Discover hundreds of Archdesk™ ERP features

All features are specifically built to work seamlessly in one software package and are highly customizable.

Idea behind Archdesk…

Archdesk was built by industry experts after realising there is no modern software on the market. Looking at the market offering at the time, it felt like time-traveling to 90’s with spreadsheet type looking software…

Archdesk was built using cutting-edge technologies to provide great user experience, easiness and flexibility. It is the modern and professional choice of hundreds of UK businesses.

View our construction-specific animation to learn more about Archdesk

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